this weekend

it has to be one of the most random weekend ever. thursday night, while harold was at the psv game with tom, i was whatsapp-ing about how long ago did we go out for date night and so i asked him if he wants to go for a sushi session tomorrow. and he said

do you need to ask?

hehehehe. ni yang syok laki aku ni muahahaha keji. so friday was sushi date night. no matter how many times we told ourselves that we need to try other places, somehow we will always go to soho (or its new name fuso) and order their all you can eat sushi. and no matter how many times we go to soho for all you can eat sushi and tell ourselves that on the 1st round we have to order less so that we will not feel too full and stay longer so we can eat more (yes, we even discuss on strategies on how to fully utilize our all you can eat sushi session. keji, i know), we will always forget that and start ordering 12 dishes straightaway and is fully stuffed by half an hour there. at least this time around we stuck to our golden rule of buffet/ all you eat ¬†- to always eat the expensive stuff to get our money’s worth. oh harold didn’t stick to that. he took the chicken balls again, but at least only 1 plate this time. LOL. yes, we are serious when it comes to all you can eat buffet.

and the next day, we went off to the auto garage to visit the car that i was interested in. we got lost and ended up in germany. dafuq! and when we got there, the car was still there (yay!) and we took it out for a test run. it was so smooth, low mileage, the shape was nice and the price is right. so i now have a car to drive to work. yay! come december i no longer need to wake up bloody early to go to work. i am a happy girl *jump ala carrie bradshaw* nanti dah dapat kereta, i’ll show you a picture of it :D

and of course, this week i went shopping. wooohooooooo! well, it was very much needed *flips hair* 50% of my knits from last year shrunk. plus i gained too much weight so i needed them.

love it that most of the scarves and hoodies were on sale. mostly around 3-5 euros. and the thin scarf, fine is not a necessity (but will be in spring!!)

for new knits. 3 from h&m and 1 from mango. i know i have the exact same pattern of that mango knit but i guess i am currently in love with that black and white pattern. tak taula namanya apa but i like! and i noticed that i am beginning to appreciate the very plain simple knits. senang nak match with things. 

and my most favourite purchase was this herringbone wool coat from mango. it was 30% wool and only 30euros. wahhhhhhhh, suka!

now watching thor and then kena buat homework :( alaaaaaaa monday already near. tak sukaaaaaa

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