june/ july has been a bad bad month. summer sale = empty wallet. as much as i want to stop shopping, i can’t resist the temptations. but what done is done. i might as well just enjoy them. so i’ve bought a lot of basics - t shirts and shirt. the mango tshirts were damn cheap eu2.95. LOVE! bought the boots and the hoodie/scarf for the coming cold days, which is always great sbb over here we get like 6 weeks of warm weather a year? also bought a pair of reliable converse since i walk a lot. and been buying a lot of bright, simple pants. loving the loose, just having to pull it up pants rather than the fitted jeans. i’ve been using the mango printed pants lately. love it so comfy. i still have 4 bangles coming my way. haish. nampaknya bukan perut je kena puasa, nafsu shopping pun kena tahan bulan ni :S

new in my closet. my mango delivery is here :) now to wait for my zara boots to be delivered. and the damage done today and yesterday was errmmmm damaging to put it mildly :S got annoyed with the zara sale. most of the items i eyed was either not on sale or was done in 1 day. suck balls! 

funny how today i went into zara kids to buy some stuff for sarah, i got in and suddenly, a glittery pink ballet flats waved hi to me, i fell in love, tried, it fits my feet like a glove *swoon* thank god for small feet, picked it up, paid for it and headed to the bubble tea store. while sipping on my mango yoghurt bubble tea i wondered

"why was i in zara kids again?" *epic fail*

last week i’ve bought these from zara. again. i’m sure zara is very happy to have a customer like me *sigh* but the weather is so bad that i can’t even use the heels. summer is treating us bad. too much rain, so little sun and freezing cold, it doesn’t deserve its name. 

but when the season gives you rain, you try to have fun and jump in the puddle. well, not literally, though. i’m not that crazy. weve been spending time home indoor. having bobob sleeping next to me all the time and keeping my feet warm under her fuzziness. harold has been studying for his exams. we still have to plan our itinerary for barcelona. gosh, another thing to do. the to do list never seems to end.

and as for my wedding ring, i gave up. i guess we’re not meant to be. harold said, the next time we find it, let’s just keep it in the drawer and just wear it during events. but what’s the point? i already have the other wedding ring stored away in the drawer because i’m too afraid of losing it and i love it too much and yeah, the cost of the ring could have been a down payment to a car. and what’s the point of having something but it’s just for keeps? i love wearing it because of what it symbolises. me - taken. by a man i love.

as much as i feel sad about losing it (mostly guilty. it was a lot of money lost due to my carelessness) i guess the ring feels that i’m not the right person to own it. i guess. it ran away quite a few times from my finger and heck, lots of hours of prayers and searching for it spent. but this time around, it’s nowhere to be found. i shed a tear last friday but that’s about it. i hope the person who found it will feel as happy as i’ve felt when i had it on every single minute of my married life. well, at least 1 year, 3 months of my married life. 

and as for me, we went to h&m and bought a 7 ring set for eu4.95. he paid for the ring and we rushed out. i tore off the package and chose one. he put it on my finger and my finger doesn’t feel empty again :) at least i won’t feel guilty losing this one and if that is the case, there’s still 6 more waiting in my jewellery tray. 

ok, so i went shopping yesterday. i actually woke up, freaked out that i’m late for shopping, showered, no makeup, put on clothes, stormed to the shops. i think my debit card is shocked with the spending :S i was so exhausted that at the h&m counter i forgot what my pascode and i wrongly keyed it in twice. i was freaking out. thank god i had enough money in my wallet to pay, else it would have been embarassing. after that i called harold to ask him what my pascode was. was that a sign from god to stop shopping?

but i was satisfied with my stash. i needed a new handbag because my current bag is already out of shape and all the hardware was already dropping off. and the trenchcoat was 60euros from 99euros. and i love the details on it. and the fabric was so yummy. the striped h&m dress that i’ve been eye-ing. and the h&m sandals and the skirt were 3euros *jaw dropped* cheap right? even if you convert to ringgit it’s cheap. 

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ok, show off time! so here are my recent buys kat ebay. i’ve bought the green necklace like a few months ago. and waiting for it to arrive is pure torture. finally sampai last week when i was still in belgium and i forced harold to pick it up after work *thank you sayang, i looooove you! :D* but i am in LOVE. and today i finally melaram with the necklace *flips hair* 

and as for the earrings, i baru je beli 3 weeks ago. it was rm40 plus shipping and all. it was worth it. so bloody lawa and chunky. it was such a steal. i put in the minimum bid and didn’t really bothered to check, thinking that i might not get it sebab the bidding endtime was late. sekali i won it. OH EM GEE! i’m so lucky or what? 

then my best score kat ebay was my work necklace. it was 0.99 pound cents. and shipping was 3pounds. aaaaaaah. i love how simple it is but at the same time make work clothes a bit dressy. so pakai ni and some string bracelets of mine to work. 

i’m happy. happy happy happy