you know i’ve told harold a lot of times that i wanted to be a cat. and bam(!) i found this. but then again if i’m a cat, i cannot shop at zara, mango, h&m dan sewaktu dengannya dok? alhamdulillah je la diri manusia. ish, sara sara

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remember my current ringing tone? that tunak tunak tun song? found this video and this is hilaaaaarious! good music is universal. be it white people, yellow brown, we can all enjoy it 

thank you to the guy for this amazing song and thanks to the two guys up there for this funny video. you guys are too cool and certainly made my monday a bit better :)

#listeningto tunak tunak tun - daler mehndi

my current ringing tone. driving harold nuts. wahey, this song makes any sane person want to dance. punjab style. i miss india. well here i am tonight dancing to it and my hubby go

fijn weekend allemaal preparing your raya stuff! 

with the amount that this is played, it should be our national anthem

LOL! this video is so funny la. but this so reminds me of me and @neonvillage masa in um. singing on the top of our lungs, then later on masa lepas uni goreng lagu tegan and sara, the organ, metric with suara kepit emily haines. also fara and me keluar round round seksyen 14 just to melalak to linkin park 

memories. damn, i memang kaki karok he?

p/s i just noticed that i sing this song the same way they sing it ‘but you didn’t have to cut me off, naynayanaogheohao record aklegkj change your num-berrrrr. i didn’t even need your love  treat me like a stranger and i feel so RUFF’ LOL

like like like like like like like….

love this aldi commercial. hi laaaaarious :D

something to cheer up your last day of weekend. remember, don’t judge too quickly :D

i used to laugh at bobob for getting stuck at the kitty door. but this cat is way beyond!