bahahahahaha. now i want a chicken to test this out! happy monday!


that’s all i can say LOL

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like like like like like like like….

love this aldi commercial. hi laaaaarious :D

everytime i saw this ad on tv, i’ll bloody laugh! ok, i don’t understand what the guy was talking about *his dutch was too fast for me* tapi the view of a dog with dentures on




priceless! :D

when i finally found it on youtube. gila bantai gelak. i finally understand what it’s all about. and it is still FUN-NEH!

remember how our new 307 got into an accident last september? *baru beli a few weeks dah masuk workshop, ish!* harold received the dossier from his insurance company (over the complaints from the other side) last weekend and he’s blood was boiling. reading it again makes his blood go upstairs! :D

ok let me story from beginning. one fine day in september, he got back and said ‘sayang, i was in an accident’. apakah??? baru 2 minggu kereta baru sudah accidentka? we both went out and inspected the car. the sidelamp was smashed and ada la calar/ kemek sikit on the driver side. apparently he was driving on the fast lane and suddenly the car from the slow side masuk in his lane because he wanted to make a u turn.

i said: so, not your fault la. if you’re on the fast lane, he’s supposed to wait
he said: i don’t know. maybe, it’s my fault. but yeah, we agreed on a sketching of what happened to send to the insurance, but that guy insisted that it was my fault
i said: aiyah, why is it your fault? shudn’t be what? you’re on the fast lane. don’t tell me, if he see a car going fast he’s that stupid to just swerve in. stupid right. if he wants to get into the u-turn, he should have went into the right lane well before, stayed there and make the u turn, not just swerve in suddenly into a fast lane. want to die fast can la

and then he sent the car to the workshop. and even the mechanic said that it looks like the fault from the other car. so he tried to send a letter to the insurance company disagreeing that it was his fault. and now the other guy said:

  1. 1. harold looked disoriented when he got out of the car, with a phone in his hand - which meant that he was on the phone in the car. so it was harold’s fault *dey, uncle. he just got into an accident la. of course he looks disoriented and shocked. our car is 2 weeks old ok! your car how old? he’s thinking about the money flying in front of of him. and he had his phone because he want to take pics of car as proof. duh! and just because he had a phone in his hand, he was using it? so, can i say ‘he just wiped his ass because he has toilet paper in his hand when he got of the car after the accident’. can? can?*
  2. 2. he totally changed the agreed sketch and sent a new sketch to justify his story *wah, you suka2 change can meh? you lost memory is it? or is this the sketch from your second accident with another person? how many accident already?*
  3. 3. he supported his story with 2 other witnesses - his wife and his sister in law *SO usable. come on, everyone knows that you can’t use your relatives, friends as references, witness, what so eff. so bias la right. or maybe you threatened your wife leh. just like your wife always threaten you if you don’t do something, then no sex for one week. correct or not?*

p/s pardon the chinese overdose and vulgarity. it’s something my chinese side tends to do when i get angry. i start talking like a chinaman. also the influence from working in a company with all chinese colleagues

but yeah, what we’ve learnt from this experience. if in an accident - get a bloody witness! grab that someone from the street. that’s always helpful. call the police. let them judge. the most important thing - NEVER TRUST A GUY JUST BECAUSE HE’S AN OLD MAN. just like the ad. it’s one thing to respect, but to be taken advantage of. wahhh, that i cannot tahan!