sarah post

as you know, i recently had a niece on the 11th june 2012. sarah. i actually proposed the name since my adik ipar was so picky (ish ish arep) punyala lama i tggu the nama. i’ve been calling sarah baby girl. so last last i kata alaaaa just name her sara la. but following her tante she frowns. alllllll the time. aiyoh! 

sarah, take tante’s advice. don’t frown, you’ll get wrinkles. tak cantik. but yeah, i love her the bits. she’s sooooo cute. and fara has been sending me photos and videos which is great. so here are some of my fave of her

apala yang dia tengah mimpi sampai tersenyum tu

pretty in yellow!

one of my fave. finally smiling

apa tengok tengok?

i’m schleeeeeepy la

i can’t believe she is so big already! can’t wait for her to come visit us here. come here quick ok little girl

as you guys know, i’ve recently jadi an auntie to a cute baby girl sarah. must say rasa proud jadi auntie. belum dapat anak sendiri. our first niece. this was the first ever video my sis sent to me. and i love it to bits. the hiccups. the sweet calm face. this is my favourite video of her (sbb yang lain muka dia asyik kerut. ish, kecik kecik dah pk masalah dunia) but i watch this at least once a day. most of the time masa otw balik rumah in the train.

dear baby sarah, sedih la tak dapat jumpa awak masa awak tgh kecik cinonet gini. dont grow up too fast ok. hopefully we’ll get to go back malaysia sooner than we plan