this is an old dutch commercial. but hell. i still love it :D

kau ingat malaysia je ada yellow man telephone man?


hah, sini pun ada. hi kpn yellow chatman. bla bla lagi tu LOL

bahahahahaha. now i want a chicken to test this out! happy monday!

i love cats. i loooooove bobob but i was rotfl watching this :D hope you guys enjoy this too

like like like like like like like….

love this aldi commercial. hi laaaaarious :D

EURO CUP starts!!!

and i’m tired of football already (he says oh, oh and we’re just starting, how?)

and we’re hosting a football party tomorrow (she says thank god we’re hosting a party for non malaysians so tak payah nak masak menggila. roast chicken, fries salad dah, lantakla)

and my hubby booked the tv already sepanjang EK (she says nasib beeeeeek my GCB and revenge tak habis habis tengok lagi and i still need to watch drop dead diva, puhhh semangat)

but i’ll never get tired of the funny commercials in honor of the european cup

hup holland hup!!

i had the biggest laugh while watching this advert. imagine me eating a bowl of pasta, watching this and bits of pasta flying out because it was sooo funny!

and the dogs makes me want to squish em squish em squish em :D thanks citroen for this funny commercial

something to cheer up your last day of weekend. remember, don’t judge too quickly :D